Who doesn’t love buying themselves a little something every once in awhile? It’s an essential aspect of self-care. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get more out of each moment, as you’ll find below. With cute clothing designs that remind you of the little things that make life so pleasurable, it is easy to take care of yourself. Clothing not your thing? Check out Ritual Care Co., a company founded by Kelly Newsome, aka wellness extraordinaire for some of her original care kits- packed with everything you need for the most relaxing, refreshing afternoon ever.


Want to really live in the Carte Blanche™ Experience? Click here for fun shirts, sandals and other original CB designs. You can find lots of these here, all emblazoned with the delightfully Southern Carte Blanche™ Experience logo:

• Sexy Pre/During/Post Yoga Clothes for Everybody’s Body

• Comfortable Clothes for Hanging Out

• Mugs, an Essential Self-Care Tool for Tea Time

• Seasonal Offerings

• Designs So Cute You May Not Want to Take Them Off!


Ever wanted to have The Perfect Bath? Itching for a spa day but can’t fork over that kind of money for a puny hour of care? Enjoy countless hours of delight from Ritual Care Co.’s kits. They include things like:

• Tea Bags (For Your Bath! So neat!)

• Care Signs, To Remind You & Others Not to Disturb Your Sacred Self-Care Space

• Candles, Of the Highest Quality and Reminiscent of a Luxe Spa

• Personalized Love Notes from Kelly Herself!

For more self-care tools, visit my friend Kelly’s shop for a phenomenal self-care experience that will make you crave time with yourself!


Are you a fan of good smells? Do you insist on consuming only the finest ingredients, inhaling the most effective ingredients and applying the safest oils to your skin? Carte Blanche has partnered with DoTerra Essential Oils to bring you only the finest, top quality oils. Now, if you want to keep smelling the deliciousness used in our sessions, all you have to do is click here.