Finding Your Focus

Finding Your Focus

The other day, I met an entrepreneurial little boy.  He looked to be about five years old and was sitting in the back of an old pickup parked on the side of a road that leads to some beautiful, wooded trails. As I approached him, he made a tempting offer: for only five quarters, he would give me a dollar bill. I didn’t have five quarters, so I just gave him a high five and chuckled as I walked on. The exchange, while playful and lighthearted, got me to thinking…

what are you forfeiting right now in exchange for something that would be worth more to you in the long run?

An obvious example in my own life is my forfeiture of stability and predictability for a career that is unpredictable but fulfilling. My job as a lawyer was like that beautiful, crisp green bill.  Like a diploma, it’s easy to frame and show off.  It feels more valuable.  It has more substance to it.  There’s something very satisfying about running a few dollars through your hands as you count them off. Paper money is regal and is the ultimate status symbol.  Alas, a dollar bill is only worth $1, not $1.25.  To me, that extra 25¢ is worth the effort.  Coins are loose… more difficult to keep tabs on.  They are chaotic and heavy to carry around. Their diminutive nature and our flippant use of them makes coins feel less valuable.  Nevertheless, the construction of best inversion tables is sturdy and enduring.  It may be easily lost but not destroyed.

This week, before the week gets busy and our intentions are crowded out by our obligations, take a moment to remember what your true vocation is.  Are you honoring that vocation? Or is something else– something that is safe or pretty or instantly satisfying– taking precedence over your long-term calling?  Which path would you feel better on? How can you get there?

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