Hey there. I’m Christina. I guess you like yoga too. I didn’t used to like yoga; I was more of a pilates and running chick, and thought yoga was for wimps. Then I actually tried yoga- the kind that makes you question your life path, the kind that feels oh-so-good for your body, the kind that doesn’t come from a book or a video (though these have a place and time!)

In 2013, as I missed yet another yoga class because of Atlanta traffic, I thought there had to be a better way to care for my body. As a result, I sought to cultivate my own flavor of helping women practice self-care through yoga-centered wellness. After all, I had inadvertently been helping the people in my life learn how to care for themselves for years!

Today I am here to support you. I am here to help you cherish your journey as you learn how to be a better friend, partner, work associate and human being. I am here to help you learn what self-care is, why it is important and how loving yourself can lead to a healthier, happier life.♥

C’est Moi

♥ Trained by World Renowned Master Teachers, including Annie Carpenter and Kelly Newsome
♥ Aromatherapist
♥ Juris Doctor :: Emory University School of Law
♥ B.A., Philosophy, with a Focus on Existentialism and the Philosophy of Natural Science :: Texas A&M University
♥ B.A., Sociology, Certificate in Sociology of Gender :: Texas A&M University

Faits Amusants

♥ I believe yoga is the art of learning compassion, for yourself and others.
♥ I’ve been riding horses since 1998, training them since 2004.
♥ If it’s not raining, I’m outside as much as possible.
♥ My nickname is “Designing Dallas” based on my interior decor, but I’ve never seen the show.
♥ Other than loving the movie Amélie, and having a French-infused theme here, I’m actually not much of a Francophile.
♥ If I had a million dollars, my first purchase would be endangered black rhinos. They are related to horses!