Month: August 2014

Five Steps To Perfect Skin

What you’re about to read isn’t an ‘overnight guide to great skin.’ I wish I could tell you how that could happen. No, this is about a lifestyle shift. For some, the change (should you choose to accept it) will be more drastic than others. (And I’m betting they will be the ones who see the biggest difference in their skin!!)

What is the perfect skin? Perfect skin to me means having the skin I don’t have to worry about. The skin I can place makeup over, or not. Perfect skin to me means choices. Confidence. A true reflection of my inner light.

In order to have perfect skin, you must pay attention to the five essential components of great skin:

1. what you’re not putting into your body
2. what you put into your body
3. what you keep out of your body
4. what you put onto your body
5. what you take off your body

This week, the discussion will center around #1- What are you not getting enough of? You should definitely read these recumbent bike reviews to get a sense of what you have been missing.

Originally, one of the other discussion points followed that hallowed #1 slot. But this is the most important, and most remediable, an aspect of great skin. It is the one I am the most excited about.

Now, I say this is the most remediable step, but it is decidedly not the easiest. Because here is your task, should you accept it: Go See (a) Doctor(s). Maybe more than one.

Every year, I pay a visit to a great PA named Lisa who checks me all over for melanoma. This is the most basic skincare maintenance you could practice. Having untreated melanoma on your body because you choose not to get a checkup is pretty not-sexy. Then, at least twice a year I visit my general practitioner, Dr. Taz Bhatia. There are a few other doctors I see, but this is my short list for maintaining fab skin. {BTW- if you are in Atlanta, feel free to steal my doctors!}

Visiting Dr. Taz is the most essential part of my skincare routine. Say what?! A doctor? Yes. So long as you are deficient in vitamins, minerals, or other necessary compounds, you will never have the skin you deserve. For my readers who don’t live in Atlanta, I recommend setting aside some time to find an MD/ND (medical doctor + naturopath). Sometimes these doctors are referred to as “Integrative” practitioners. Even if you can’t find an integrative doctor, you can request certain tests, the results of which could improve your skin. I recommend the following annually (based purely on my experience, albeit as a non-medical professional):

1. Thyroid Testing.

Due to many chemicals and toxins, we are exposed to in our 21st-century lives, many of us will find our thyroids are out of whack. In my opinion, as a hypothyroid sufferer, I’ve found Iodoral works way better than Synthroid. This was a treatment Dr. Taz tipped me off too when the pharmaceuticals were doing nil. This is a blood test.

2. Adrenal Gland Testing.

The results may surprise you. Adrenal function is tied in with your thyroid function. This is a saliva test.

3.Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Testing.

No excuses, this one should be covered by your health insurance. However, if you want to go the extra mile, I recommend the NutrEval test from Genova Diagnostics. This is a blood and urine test. Even if you don’t get tested, in my opinion, everyone should be supplementing magnesium and B vitamins. For more on how to maximize absorption of these notoriously hard-to-assimilate vitamins, read on here.

4. Yeast Culture.

Newsflash: Candida overgrowth is way too common. For more information about yeast overgrowth, check out this great article. This is a stool test.

5. Heavy Metal Testing.

Because “You look like the tin man” has never been a compliment.

So those are my recommendations. It is a lot to take in, but don’t let it overwhelm you incorporate this information into your day little by little. Maybe today you make a long list of doctors for research. Tomorrow you come up with a short list. The next day, you could call to make an appointment. Then, write down a list of your concerns (for real, you will forget if you don’t!) or print out your checklist for an even easier trip to the doctor.…

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